Before FIFA 17 hits the stores, or drives, the question arises: Which young talents, the game and who is probably the best of them? The Youngsters start despite her young years with very good status values and these are, in the course of her career, even able to increase significantly. What new additions there, in which club you can find them and on what positions to play the stars of the future learn it on this page.

Not only is the title star Alex Hunter will bring some turmoil in the leagues. With the young talents in FIFA 17 you can ensure you good players for your team without spending huge transfer fees to be paid to or have to sign their annuity contract after a few years. The young talent on the predecessor FIFA 16 have already demonstrated that they have a place in the in reality top teams were able to consolidate. These are no longer to grab a bargain, but still cheaper than other stars and definitely a good investment.

FIFA 17 talents – these are the rising stars

The rating of the young talents in FIFA 17 will improve considerably with time and we inform you about the exact ratings and their maximum values when more information is known. First, we introduce you to a list of the first young players, so you do not a lot of effort into your scouting department must insert, but directly can take under contract and coming stars.