Fifa 17 Ultimate Team: The Best Tips & Tricks

In Fifa 17, there is again the Ultimate Team mode for which we collected the best tips here. To build up a better team and earn more coins.

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Players buy targeted

New players get either in sets or in the transfer market.

  • Build a solid team with gold packs until you have a starting eleven of players on 80th
  • The chance to get real top players in sets, is very low.
  • It is more worthwhile, the best players to buy on the transfer market.
  • On the transfer market you can buy not only players, but also contracts, coach and chemistry styles.

Tips for trading in Fifa 17 Ultimate Team

Fifa 17 Ultimate Team: Transfer
Fifa 17 Ultimate Team: Transfer

When shopping in the transfer market, you should consider some things in order to save more money.

  • The trading prices for the release of Fifa 17 are extremely high. The older the game, the better you get good players.
  • Do not buy at peak times: league players are the most expensive to 20h. If you want to bid on players, is night and morning is the best time for it.
  • Conversely, you should have your own player so that the auction to 20:00 ends.

Fifa 17: Tips on team chemistry in Fifa 17

Fifa 17 Ultimate Team: Chemistry
Fifa 17 Ultimate Team: Chemistry

One of the most important factors for a good team is the team chemistry. The decision, for example, about the position match, the offside trap and bad passes.

  • The chemistry between two players is indicated by the color of their connection in the team management.
  • A green line indicates a good chemical, while a red compound symbolizes a bad chemistry.
  • Decisive for a good chemistry the league, the club are for the player normally plays and his nationality.
  • If match two of the three factors between two players, the connection is green.

Fifa 17 Ultimate Team Tips: Seasons and Competitions

Fifa 17 Ultimate Team: Tournaments
Fifa 17 Ultimate Team: Tournaments

You can choose at any time between seasons and tournaments.

  • Seasons always consist of approximately ten games, the conclusion beckons in any case, a premium, no matter if you win.
  • As a tournament in the first defeat was in vain and the rewards are often not very appealing, seasons are actually more profitable.

FUT Champions: New game mode in FIFA 17

Fifa 17: FUT Champions
Fifa 17: FUT Champions

The new game mode is mainly aimed at the Fifa professionals.Here you play against the best players around the world, but can also get the best rewards.

  • FUT Champions: Here waving some of the best rewards in Fifa 17. You must first qualify under the week for the Weekend League.
  • You can qualify by winning a Daily knockout tournament.Alternatively, you can also qualify with weekly wins in the online seasons.
  • If one has successfully qualified, you have to win as many victories in a certain number of games.
  • If you consistently successful in the Weekend Leagues, you advance to the monthly leaderboards.

Squad Building Challenges: tasks on the go

Fifa Ultimate Team: Squads
Fifa Ultimate Team: Squads

Another new game mode, the Squad Building Challenges.There is this basic, advanced and league challenges.

  • When you first start you get a tutorial that tells you the game.
  • In each Challenge you must put up with players from your squad or by trading a team that meets certain requirements.
  • Do you have a team together, you can submit it and received rewards.
  • On the players that you have submitted, you then no longer have access.
  • This game mode is useful on the go, especially since you him in the Companion App can play.
  • Some challenges will form a group. When you complete this fully, you will get more rewards.