Fifa 17 Ultimate Team: The Best Tips & Tricks

In Fifa 17, there is again the Ultimate Team mode for which we collected the best tips here. To build up a better team and earn more coins.

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Players buy targeted

New players get either in sets or in the transfer market.

  • Build a solid team with gold packs until you have a starting eleven of players on 80th
  • The chance to get real top players in sets, is very low.
  • It is more worthwhile, the best players to buy on the transfer market.
  • On the transfer market you can buy not only players, but also contracts, coach and chemistry styles.

Tips for trading in Fifa 17 Ultimate Team

Fifa 17 Ultimate Team: Transfer
Fifa 17 Ultimate Team: Transfer

When shopping in the transfer market, you should consider some things in order to save more money.

  • The trading prices for the release of Fifa 17 are extremely high. The older the game, the better you get good players.
  • Do not buy at peak times: league players are the most expensive to 20h. If you want to bid on players, is night and morning is the best time for it.
  • Conversely, you should have your own player so that the auction to 20:00 ends.

Fifa 17: Tips on team chemistry in Fifa 17

Fifa 17 Ultimate Team: Chemistry
Fifa 17 Ultimate Team: Chemistry

One of the most important factors for a good team is the team chemistry. The decision, for example, about the position match, the offside trap and bad passes.

  • The chemistry between two players is indicated by the color of their connection in the team management.
  • A green line indicates a good chemical, while a red compound symbolizes a bad chemistry.
  • Decisive for a good chemistry the league, the club are for the player normally plays and his nationality.
  • If match two of the three factors between two players, the connection is green.

Fifa 17 Ultimate Team Tips: Seasons and Competitions

Fifa 17 Ultimate Team: Tournaments
Fifa 17 Ultimate Team: Tournaments

You can choose at any time between seasons and tournaments.

  • Seasons always consist of approximately ten games, the conclusion beckons in any case, a premium, no matter if you win.
  • As a tournament in the first defeat was in vain and the rewards are often not very appealing, seasons are actually more profitable.

FUT Champions: New game mode in FIFA 17

Fifa 17: FUT Champions
Fifa 17: FUT Champions

The new game mode is mainly aimed at the Fifa professionals.Here you play against the best players around the world, but can also get the best rewards.

  • FUT Champions: Here waving some of the best rewards in Fifa 17. You must first qualify under the week for the Weekend League.
  • You can qualify by winning a Daily knockout tournament.Alternatively, you can also qualify with weekly wins in the online seasons.
  • If one has successfully qualified, you have to win as many victories in a certain number of games.
  • If you consistently successful in the Weekend Leagues, you advance to the monthly leaderboards.

Squad Building Challenges: tasks on the go

Fifa Ultimate Team: Squads
Fifa Ultimate Team: Squads

Another new game mode, the Squad Building Challenges.There is this basic, advanced and league challenges.

  • When you first start you get a tutorial that tells you the game.
  • In each Challenge you must put up with players from your squad or by trading a team that meets certain requirements.
  • Do you have a team together, you can submit it and received rewards.
  • On the players that you have submitted, you then no longer have access.
  • This game mode is useful on the go, especially since you him in the Companion App can play.
  • Some challenges will form a group. When you complete this fully, you will get more rewards.


Before FIFA 17 hits the stores, or drives, the question arises: Which young talents, the game and who is probably the best of them? The Youngsters start despite her young years with very good status values and these are, in the course of her career, even able to increase significantly. What new additions there, in which club you can find them and on what positions to play the stars of the future learn it on this page.

Not only is the title star Alex Hunter will bring some turmoil in the leagues. With the young talents in FIFA 17 you can ensure you good players for your team without spending huge transfer fees to be paid to or have to sign their annuity contract after a few years. The young talent on the predecessor FIFA 16 have already demonstrated that they have a place in the in reality top teams were able to consolidate. These are no longer to grab a bargain, but still cheaper than other stars and definitely a good investment.

FIFA 17 talents – these are the rising stars

The rating of the young talents in FIFA 17 will improve considerably with time and we inform you about the exact ratings and their maximum values when more information is known. First, we introduce you to a list of the first young players, so you do not a lot of effort into your scouting department must insert, but directly can take under contract and coming stars.



We tested the FIFA 17, these are the 13 best innovations for arrival at E3 2016. Will we see more innovations in September?


The lights go out. The screen with the logo of EA, fades to black. I begin to hear the voice of Jose Mourinho. “People say football never changes …”. It is the official trailer for FIFA 17 , EA showed us a few days before going public earlier this week. Begins to distill the smell of grass, the gloom of the tunnel, texture Lycra and polyester of sheepskins that touch us in passing.Go if football has changed.

  • The new graphics engine . The first surprise was the inclusion of Frostbite, after years of demands for renewal and seeing how askance Battlefield 4 or Battlefront already had it. The next-gen now has a little more reason. After the trailer and pretty words from their creators, it’s time to step on the field and really see in action the FIFA 17.
  • A new game mode , The Journey . Becomes the career as player, or what in PES is known as “Legend” in which the player controls only a player who made his debut in his youth and is growing year after year, both in age and football skills . Or what we already see in the NBA 2K.A nuance is not a customizable player, but an English character named Alex Hunter. Thus it goes far beyond what seen so far: there cinematics continuous play different environments, such as changing rooms, offices, presentation to the fans, the home player, etc.Decisions and answers to the press that they also affect the perception of the player and his character by the public.

  • Expressive faces . We begin to see the consequences of change of graphics engine. Mata’s face is not just a face displayed reliably, is the capture of its expression, can get an idea of his character or Harry Kane watching the gestures of their faces. To this effect , facial monitorings that go far beyond the facial pattern and details, now also includes how it looks, complains, cries or player through gestures and non – verbal language endeavors.
  • Coaches visible . The above point also applies to coaches. We could see a strong and unbalanced Jürgen Klopp as always bawling band, possibly by another bad pass from Lallana. We do not know what coaches will appear in FIFA 17 and which are not (in FUT not clear the criteria are for some and not others), but those that do appear, at least have something more than visibility.
  • Player deeper monitoring . In the same line as the previous point, it has increased the level of recognition of the movement, style and character of each player during the game. For example, Hazard is one of the players that have been studied thoroughly so that their representation in FIFA 17 is more realistic. This will make it easier torecognize a player career and know the way they move if it is Hazard, Neymar Ronaldo or even without stopping to look at the physical or hairstyle.
  • Subtle but effective redesign . After the obscure language of FIFA 15 and tones greenish blue that dominate FIFA 16, the design of FIFA 17 is an ode to Dortmund: yellow and black dominate, the interface is aggressive as two years ago but brighter and more contrast .


  • Diagonal runs . Racing to exploit spaces, uncheck anticipations through balls, etc., now have a new item, racing diagonally. Provide a good dose of realism about the usual races practically understood only vertically.
  • All situations pieces, renovated . Penalties now have another higher perspective. Throw – ins are somewhat more complex, as they allow you to move a few steps from the point of serve before launching or taking a run. Free throws also have a new perspective to better control the trajectory or the effect must take the ball to save the barrier. And the corners … prepare for new corners, now can point to a target point directly to the area where you want to send the ball. Topping it well or it is nothing.
  • The protection of the ball . What in the video presentation was incharge of promoting EA as shielding . New physics in protecting theball putting the body divided, without waiting for the clash of legs.
  • And more shielding : control of the ball in motion . Something that did awaken the “Ooooh …!” in the press room when we saw it in action. It is now possible to receive a high ball and control the race a surprisingly faithful to reality style as they do Pogba and company.There is talk of EA, we saw that really works.
  • Players are a little smarter . What are thanks to EA system calledActive Intelligence System , which basically makes better understand their spatial position in the field, where they must move in each situation, what gaps are dangerous to their interests and which arenot. Let ‘s assume that, although we have over twenty years of FIFA and the like, sometimes players remain anarchic and illogical when going to defend who should not. In theory this is corrected in FIFA 17. We have seen videos and demos to prove it , but this is one of those innovations to be tested in the mud, with overalls during games and matches, before knowing its true impact.
  • Kinematic, Kinematic, KINEMATICS . A non – stop. They have become increasingly more game modes, at times it seems that we are facing asandbox . A nuance here: there are very showy in the presentation of a game and will we come us up the first afternoon playing it , but being honest and thinking in the medium term, any content other than the transfer market, order training or playing matches is contained that, always, FIFA after FIFA, try to jump as soon as possible to return to action.


  • More dribbles and skill moves . In the demo we saw a double flickfrom Ronaldo that caused many to rise from his seat and repeat the “wooooow …”. They added more resources like this, with new physical for movement.

Throughout the summer EA will advance more news. It is noteworthy that shown everything until today, June 12, is oriented gameplay and new game mode, The Journey, mainly. Or rather striking that FIFA Ultimate Team, the cornucopia of EA, has not even had a little role yet. Rare would be that there was no news in this mode. For now, this is all we know and we could try. We look, still a long way on September 29, date of arrival of FIFA 17.